Human Design

Human Design is a synthesis of spirituality and modern science. It provides you with your unique energetic blueprint and operating manual of who you truly are before the world told you who you should be.


The Enneagram is a personality pattern typing system that helps you primarily determine why you do the things you do and why you react the way you do.


All things MAGIC. From Tarot and Oracle Cards, Crystals, and everything woo under the mystical Universe.


My tips, tricks and business hacks that allow me to run my multi-passionate business from home while homeschooling my Manifestor son.

I’ve gotta be honest with you, jumping from one strategy to the next and then to another with the promise to give you the “secret sauce” for a successful business – is what’s holding you back from greatness.

This is what’s giving you the crick in your neck and the pain in your back.

The SOULution Mini-Course is not another strategy, it is a key to help free yourself and allow yourself to live the way you want. To do what you want. When you want. Using nothing but your own energy and the way you were born.

This mini experience will help provide a transformation of what your life and business could look like using your own unique energy codes. In this experience, you will learn the simple strategies of your energy signature using Human Design.

What could your business look like tomorrow? What are you losing by waiting another day without harnessing your unique frequency?

No more excuses, no more playing small, no more burn out, no more CHASING – it’s time to attract.


7 Days of impactful knowledge and practical application delivered by Email daily

Day 1 – 30 Minute Reiki Meditation— to set the tone of this experience and help you visualize your future.

Day 2 — Intro to Human Design— get the basics of this life changing healing modality.

Day 3 – Intro to Energy Types and Life Strategies— learn what makes you tick and how to work with your energy.

Day 4 — Biz Strategies for Each Energy Type — learn how to work with your unique flow for business so that making money comes easy.

Day 5 — Rest Codes for Each Energy Type — to mitigate burnout and promote rest not just when you've done a good job. Rest is not a reward, it is a necessity.

Day 6 — Intro to the Soulprint™ to Soul-based Success Group Program — get a sneak peek into my most potent, life-changing experience. Deeper connection, access to me as your mentor, and so much more.

Day 7 — FAST ACTION BONUS! — you'll just have to grab the free course to see what I have in store for you!

This package comes complete with guidance, healing, and a Soul Sketch Workbook to help you visualize your abundant and very possible future — once-and-for-all.