“Everything is fine.” You say to yourself.

The sun is rising, the alarm is blaring, and the kids are screaming

Your phone is dinging, your ears are ringing

It’s time to pull the sheets back, put your feet on the ground, and start your day

As you stand, there’s a crick in your neck and pain in your back

You feel like you haven’t slept in years

Your eyes barely open and you feel the gravity beneath your lids

But you’re going, you’re hustling, you’re ignoring the signs of burnout.

“It’s fine. It’s fine.”

Until it isn’t.

What if you could hit the snooze button? What if you didn’t have to set an alarm at all?

What if instead you woke up when you wanted to, and rose from your bed feeling fluid instead of stiff?

Instead, you wake up feeling RESTED and pain-free. The alarms are not going off, the kids are playing quietly, and you feel relaxed and peaceful.

In fact, you feel so at ease that you are vibrant meeting the sun for a cup of coffee. Whenever that may be.

Your bags are packed for that vacation you always WISHED you could go on but couldn’t because you didn’t have the time or the energy. Cause you know, everything was “fine.”

You feel happy and secure, and have a deeper connection to yourself, your relationships, and your business.

So now I must ask you, are you enjoying the life you are living? Not thinking about the past nor the future – the one you are living RIGHT NOW?

Do you love it? Or is it just… fine?

Because “fine” will be the road to hellish burnout paved with good intentions.

Why settle for “I never have the time nor energy for the things I truly want, but you know, it’s fine.”

Quit compromising your relationships, your family, your hobbies, and your business. You know, like you have been doing because you don’t have the time and energy for all of them.

It somehow always ends up being one or the other. Right?

Why settle when you could have the pleasure of owning your power by designing your day and structuring your business in a way that actually feels LUXURIOUS to you?

I’ll tell you, there is a way to feel this abundance WITHOUT sacrificing the things that truly matter.

WITHOUT waking up at 4 am just to accomplish your ever-growing to-do list.

WITHOUT the struggle of the entrepreneur roller coaster.

WITHOUT setting aside your true desires waiting for TOMORROW to finally enjoy them.

Cause tomorrow never comes when you’re stuck in a loop of “just fine.”

Get out of the loop and make today GREAT.

Make today the day you take charge and change the trajectory of your LIFE.

Start living a life you LOVE LIVING.

When you don’t have to sacrifice your personal life for your business or vice versa, this is where you see the SHIFT happen. The flow, the ease, the wealth, the abundance.

You are just moments away from living a whole new reality.

If you are feeling small and limited, stuck and frustrated, and you are ready to bust out stuck in the shadow of everyone else’s strategy

and finally, live the way YOU want to in a way that FUELS you instead of draining you

You can get this all WITH my SOULution

Mini- Course – for FREE.

I’ve gotta be honest with you, jumping from one strategy to the next and then to another with the promise to give you the “secret sauce” for a successful business – is what’s holding you back from greatness.

This is what’s giving you the crick in your neck and the pain in your back.

The SOULution Mini-Course is not another strategy, it is a key to helping free yourself and allow yourself to live the way you want. To do what you want. When you want. Using nothing but your own energy and the way you were born.

This mini experience will help provide a transformation of what your life and business could look like using your own unique energy codes. In this experience, you will learn the simple strategies of your energy signature using Human Design.

What could your business look like tomorrow? What are you losing by waiting another day without harnessing your unique frequency?

No more excuses, no more playing small, no more burnout, no more CHASING – it’s time to attract.


7 Days of impactful knowledge and practical application delivered by Email daily

Day 1 – 30 Minute Reiki Meditation— to set the tone of this experience and help you visualize your future.

Day 2 — Intro to Human Design— get the basics of this life changing healing modality.

Day 3 – Intro to Energy Types and Life Strategies— learn what makes you tick and how to work with your energy.

Day 4 — Biz Strategies for Each Energy Type — learn how to work with your unique flow for business so that making money comes easy.

Day 5 — Rest Codes for Each Energy Type — to mitigate burnout and promote rest not just when you've done a good job. Rest is not a reward, it is a necessity.

Day 6 — Intro to the Soulprint™ to Soul-based Success Group Program — get a sneak peek into my most potent, life-changing experience. Deeper connection, access to me as your mentor, and so much more.

Day 7 — FAST ACTION BONUS! — you'll just have to grab the free course to see what I have in store for you!

This package comes complete with guidance, healing, and a Soul Sketch Workbook to help you visualize your abundant and very possible future — once-and-for-all.



Self-Evolution, Human Design and Energy Coach

Internationally-certified Enneagram Coach. Intuitive Strategist.

Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist. Mom and Wife.

USUI Reiki Master-Teacher and Shamanic Reiki Practitioner.

Oracle Deck Creator. Enneagram 8. Writer. EFT Practitioner.

Kundalini Reiki Master-Teacher. Master-Teacher in Feline Reiki, Egyptian Animal Healing, Astro Energy Healing, Lilith Energy, and other energy healing modalities. Cacao Ceremony Facilitator.

6/2 Pure Manifesting Generator Split Def. Lax Upheaval 2



Imagine, you wake up in the morning NOT exhausted from the day before.

Soul clients message you. New opportunities present themselves. Doors open. You feel content. And things begin to MAGNETIZE.

Misaligned and jagged approaches to your business are now a thing of the past, because you finally understand what it means to work WITH your energy in harmony— instead of against it.

How much could you achieve when you aren't skirting the symptoms of burnout?


Are you a successful entrepreneur who is READY to get off the hamster wheel of DOING and the roller coaster of unpredictable outcomes? Do all the above sound DELICIOUS and do you want MORE with a high-touch mentor?

Get out of playing someone else’s game and make your OWN RULES.

Keep reading because Soulprint™ to Soul-based Success is gonna be a life-changing event for you.

This is a group program where I will lead industry experts and professionals on a journey to create SUSTAINABLE success based on your unique Soulprint™.

This is where thought leaders are born, wealth is created and luxury is your new foundation. Where women stop playing small – and start taking up all the space.

This high-ticket experience is incredibly engaging, supportive, and transformational, and it’s my mission to ensure you won’t leave as the same person you were when you came in, nor will your business be.

Are you ready to see who you REALLY are at your next level? 👁

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