VIP 1:1 Coaching

Work with me 1:1 in a 3-month high-touch setting customized to your exact needs and purpose. It is conducted over 3 weekly sessions each month and comes with a complimentary 90-minute Enneagram Typing Session  and Human Design Blueprint (Value: Php9,600/USD192) 

3-month payment plans available upon request.

Book a Discovery Call HERE to learn more.

I want MORE.

How often do you say this? Probably in one form or another-- at least once a day.

More energy. More time. More clarity. More money. More sleep. More happiness. More love. More fulfillment. Just MORE.

How often do you do something about it? Probably-- not often. And I get it.

When you already feel like you have LESS and don't have any control over the resources you already have, any step feels scary and overwhelming.

I've been where you are.

I have lived most of my childhood in a broken home with a parent who battled addiction and another who could barely cope with it.

I have lived with both abundance and extreme debt.

I have fallen more times than I can count and started building time and time again after.

I kept pushing because I knew in my heart that I wanted more. I deserved more.

You become a money MAGNET while only working with soulmate clients.

Gone are the days of working with clients who make you feel like a wet blanket's been thrown over you the entire time. You don't have to work with everyone, and not everyone's a good fit for you, either. When you are in alignment with Who You Truly Are, attracting the right clients for you becomes easy.  

You SAVE time and energy implementing only your own unique soul strategies.

You don't need all the self-help books, all the free downloads and promises of a secret sauce to guarantee you results that doesn't work for all because there's no cookie-cutter strategy for what you need. Your learn to craft unique soul strategies that work for you and not against. you.You become the only resource that you need.

You make MORE time and energy for yourself, your loved ones- the things and people that truly matter.

You get crystal clear about what matters and what doesn't both in your business and in your personal life. Imagine every aspect of your life (you, your relationships, your business, etc.) fitting together without resistance like the perfect jigsaw puzzle because you are able to ditch the pieces you don't need and configure the rest of the pieces so they will fit more smoothly. And even when new pieces come in, you are still equipped with the tools to know what to do next.

How it works

Step 1

Your starting point is determined through an Enneagram Typing Session and my crafting your Human Design Blueprint. Think of this as the bones of our work together during this three months. We make sure from the start that we are clear on what results you want to work towards and what YOUR goal is at the end of 90 days.

Step 2

This is where we get down and dirty! So much of who we are today and what we do are brought about by conditioning. This is what I call the over-filtered self- much like your social media profile photo- always fixed up and never posted raw. We work on peeling off those layers bit by bit. The ride will be uncomfortable at times but there is never any growth without it.

Step 3

We begin crafting! I love this part because this is where we take action. The possibilities are endless with this one whether you choose to continue working with me 1:1 or in my Membership (which is what a lot of my clients opt to do!) or you continue the work yourself, you leave the program with breakthroughs and concrete, practical action steps. We celebrate how far you've come and how much you potential you still have to explore and experiment with!

You are the best investment you will ever make.

Stop working against yourself.

Stop wasting time and energy on every shiny object that promises you the next secret sauce to success.

You are the secret sauce to your business. 

It's about damn time you discover and understand her and start implementing strategies based on who she is.


Hear what my clients have to say about .....

I learned to set boundaries on what is acceptable and unacceptable for me and my values. I learned about my triggers and how it can physically manifest in my body. I managed to take control of my emotions. I learned to understand and appreciate the uniqueness of people that I interact with = have better relationships.

Angela Jose

Online Business Manager, Founder at Merj Digital Solutions

I am fortunate to have been introduced to Human Design, thanks to Tetz Agustin. Having my blueprint and knowing my Human Design type have led me to another level of self-acceptance and self-awareness.

Like a lot of people, I looked up to an ideal of what a successful person must be like, what I should be like if I wanted to achieve things in life. I had this belief that success only comes to those who constantly initiate and create their own opportunities. I felt doomed, lost and lacking because I saw myself more as an observant who looks for gaps to fill, instead of being a trailblazer of innovations. I didn’t seem to fit the mold. I was so ready to embark on a personal development journey that involved cutting off and correcting qualities and tendencies that I had thought to be my flaws. But now, I know that they aren’t. With the knowledge of my Human Design, I have realized that a lot of the things that made me feel frustrated about myself are in fact strengths that have kept me going and have led me to some of my successes and greatest lessons. I only needed to understand and accept them so that I can strategically leverage on them.

Understanding my Human Design has been a key for me to embrace and appreciate the person that I truly am, to let go of frustrations rooted in wanting to achieve an ideal, and to keep growing and achieving in a way that really suits me.


Multipotentialite Professional and Entrepreneur

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there payment plans available?

Yes there is a 3-month monthly payment plan available upon request. 

Are there local payment options?

Yes, you may opt for either BDO, BPI or Gcash. You can send your full payment HERE.

Are there any refunds?

No refunds and no cancellations. If you are unsure if this is for you, you may book a Discovery Call with me first to explore if this is the program that and if I am the person who can best help you. You make book your Discovery Call HERE.

You mentioned 3 weekly calls, why are there only 3?

There are 4 weeks usually in a month but we only have 3 regular calls for each month (aside from the first month where we have the bonus Enneagram Typing Session). The extra week off for each month allows you to take a break, recalibrate and implement. These 3-months will be intense work and you cannot be at your optimal best if you don't allow time off to breathe.

Can I take this instead of therapy?

I have to put it out there for your safety, and mine. I am not a licensed therapist nor am I a medical professional. Any of the coaching and mentorship offers and services I have cannot substitute your need for medical help. I would love to work with you in many capacities but never this. Rest assured that if I believe that the help you need is beyond what I can provide that I will let you know very early on. This will be the only acceptable case for refunds and cancellations.

VIP 1:1 Coaching

PHP40,000 (USD800)

3-month payment plan available upon request

  • Bonus Enneagram Typing Session (Value: PHP4,850/ USD97)
  • Bonus Human Design Blueprint (Value: PHP4,750/ USD95)
  • 9 Coaching Sessions over Zoom (Value: PHP67,500/ USD1,350)
  • Access to me via Telegram App (Mon to Sat) for 3 months (Priceless!)


By being a money magnet that only works with soulmate clients.

By saving time and energy only implementing soul strategies that are uniquely crafted for you.

Without burning out and definitely not at the expense of yourself or the people you love.

A good business is grown from inside and out. Fancy branding and ads will never be enough to make a business successful. You need a good foundation for it.

Doesn't it make sense that a business owner must also grow from inside and out? 

I can't wait to help you make that happen.

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How about all this + twice a month live group coaching calls and an amazing community of badass leaders and entrepreneurs?


Explore, experiment and play in this monthly membership for soul-centered, high-achieving leaders and entrepreneurs who want to scale their business to the next level only working with clients they love without wasting time, without losing precious energy, without burnout and definitely not at the expense of themselves or the people they love.

Think of it as the Netflix of personal development with uniquely-crafted strategies for soul-centered leaders and entrepreneurs who are ready to take action and implement change.

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