Intuitive Tarot and Oracle Card Reading

Whether you believe in everything woo or not, there are numerous perks to receiving a Tarot or Oracle Card Reading.

Need intuitive guidance, clarity, or a deeper understanding of what's going on in your personal life? This is for you.

Need intuitive guidance, clarity, or a deeper understanding in your business? This is for you.

Need fortune-telling or anything like it? Take a hike. This is not for you.

Local payment options available HERE.

I don't believe in fortune-telling.

Hey, we've got something in common. High five! I don't believe in it either. Neither do I believe in having zero control over my own fate.

That said, I personally read for myself to receive intuitive nudges or what I call spirit messages from the Universe/Source/God, truly Whatever you believe in.

Yes, I am also a practicing Roman Catholic. Let's get that out there. If you're here to tell me how I should practice my faith, let me direct you to that tiny X at the top left of your page. Yeah, get the heck off my page and find a better use of your time.

Now, if you're not and can respect other people's beliefs, let's talk.

Most of the time, the answer's something you already know.

It's just that you don't quite trust yourself and believe it or you need help listening to that wise intuitive voice inside of you. That's why the readings are intuitive nudges- helping you lean in to what you probably already know.

Now, in some cases, the gift of an intuitive helps you divinate a potential possibility. The choice is always yours with regards to which path you will take based on it.

So, no nothing's set in stone. Nothing's fixed and permanent. But having the knowledge of what-could-be sometimes makes all the difference in what comes next.

You save time and heartache second-guessing yourself.

When faced with a roadblock, a Reading can often help you see how to go over, around or through it and what possibility each path holds. This is so crucial for business decisions and even for personal ones, too.

You become privy to Divine wisdom and breakthroughs.

A-ha moments probably aren't a commen occurrence for you or you wouldn't be reading this. Through a Reading, you receive wisdom that's been channeled for you by an intuitive. You become one step closer to that breakthrough you are looking for.

You become a magnet for money and all things wonderful.

That's a tall order, I know. But I have had several clients who took their careers and businesses to the next level after one reading. I personally don't make a business decision without doing a Reading first. It's just magic at work. Well, magic plus you of course.

How it works

Step 1

You book your reading and then receive an email from me prompting you on what you want your reading on. We can go as far as chatting on Telegram or Instagram to formulate your question in a way that will benefit you the most. I'm a big believer in asking the right questions so this is really something I pay attention to.

Step 2

You wait 3-5 days for me to do my magic and prepare your reading whether in written format or through voice notes. Your choice. I can help you choose which one you might like too.

Step 3

You take your time reading or listening to it and then send me any questions or clarifications that come up. You receive one bonus single-card pull to help with these if necessary.

Bring some magic into your life.

You have to trust in you. But when there's any doubt or when you're needing help, then it's time to ask one from the Universe.

I help you listen to it and channel the messages for you through a Tarot and Oracle card reading.

Whether it's a personal question or a business one, trust that the answer will be available to you.


Hear what my clients have to say about .....

A major decision that needs to be done has been boggling me for months and I finally decided to take the plunge. Seriously, it felt like a magical relief!!! The readings I got were very helpful and cleared some mental blocks I have been experiencing in my business. Loved the advice and the explanations- feels so true they totally gave me goosebumps! You know the feeling that you have something you wanted to do and you're just waiting for signs or a pat on your shoulder that says: go fot it? I just had it!!!

Li-an Delos Reyes

Founder at Milksta

Tetz' reading is both smart and empathic. Her way of sharing is very engaging, like reading a page out of your biography! Being a natural communicator, she is able to explain her readings that is easily comprehensible, yet not diluting the essence of the message. She doesn't dictate what you should do; rather, she gives you releveant (goosebumps-level) assessment of your current condition and offers recommendations on how to deal with these issues. A reading from her is like putting a 'reality mirror' in front of you, allowing you to see things clearly from a different perspective, and thus getting you to leave behind negative issues and energize you towards your life goals. 

Karen Llana

Lead, Global Shared Services for Marketing and Communications, Hitachi ABB Power Grids

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there local payment options?

Yes, you may opt for either BDO, BPI or Gcash. You may process your local payment HERE.

Are there any refunds?

No refunds and no cancellations due to the nature of the service.

Are you liable in any way with what happens next?

Okay, I just have to put it out there. NO. I am not liable with whatever choices you decide to make in your life or business as a result of your reading. You have free will. You are not a robot. You have to be accountable to yourself and the choices you make. Just being honest here.

Can I take this instead of therapy?

I have to put it out there for your safety, and mine. I am not a licensed therapist nor am I a medical professional. Any of the coaching and mentorship offers and services I have cannot substitute your need for medical help. I would love to work with you in many capacities but never this. Rest assured that if I believe that the help you need is beyond what I can provide that I will let you know very early on.

Intuitive Tarot and 

Oracle Reading

PHP1,500 (USD30)

Local Payment Options HERE.

  • A reading is only good as the question asked. Receive guidance in formulating your questions and on how to create an awesome reading for you.
  • The option of receiving your reading in written format (my clients have told me it's like reading a short story or a passage from a book!) or through voice notes (for that extra personal touch!).
  • Refer back to your reading at any time via either format you choose.
  • Bonus single card pull for further clarification immediately post-reading if needed

A dash of magic goes a long way.

And even if you're still a skeptic, maybe a Reading will help change your mind, who knows.

What I'm sure of is you will be one step closer to the answers you've been searching for. 

I can't wait to help you make it happen.

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