Intuiting through the Oracles Online Course

D.A.T.E. (Discover, Accept, Trust, and Enact) your way towards developing your intuition as a superpower you can use in life and in business.

Learn how to utilize the magic and fun in using oracle cards with the balance of woo + smarts to level-up your thought-making processes and decision-making skills in this short, self-paced, four-week course for baby witches and novices, alike.

Local payment options available HERE.

TBH, there's way too many witch-wannabes jumping into Tarot and Oracle reading because it's cool or it's in.

Basically for the wrong reasons. And it gives everyone else who embodies this sacred practice with integrity and truth a real bad name.

My husband dubbed them, "the a-fake-ned ones".

That said, it doesn't mean you cannot learn.

This course was created to accompany the Perspective Glass Oracle Deck so that you don't dive in blind when it comes to using your intuition to read the cards. In fact, with this course, you will begin and continue to cultivate your intuition with the practice of cartomancy.

You DISCOVER everything that is a must-know about oracle cards.

Do you have any idea what the difference is between Tarot and Oracle cards? How about Lenormands and Oracle Cards? Knowing about the basics is important before beginning any practice.

You ACCEPT that the rules are there is no rules and TRUST that your mindset and beliefs make a difference for real in your practice.

There is no one way to use your intuition and same is true with regards to reading oracle cards. Learn about some things to avoid, some common misconceptions as well as the Catalyst Approach to cartomancy. You will also learn how to care for your energy and to practice Intuition Development through some tried and tested exercises as well as an extra special exercise specifically customized for this course!

You ENACT and dive into actual practice.

It is important to practice in a safe space (like my Facebook Group should you choose to and with consent of course!) especially in the beginning. You also learn how to choose your decks as well as simple spreads and real-life scenarios for application of everything you've learned throughout the course. This comes with an extra module of how you can use your intuition in business or in the workplace! It's short but definitely not lacking in content and action!

How it works

Step 1

You will be enrolled in the course portal here on the website where you will need to create a log in and password to secure your access to the modules.

Set aside one day each week for each module. Keep an open mind and an open heart to everything you will learn in this online course.

Step 2

Evaluate your current mindset and belief system when it comes to cartomancy and intuitive work. Dive into the next modules. Begin a daily or weekly practice of cultivating your intuition using the exercises provided in the online course.

Step 3

Practice. Practice. Practice. It is only in doing that we grow. Read for yourself. Create your ideal practice. Read for everyone you know who will allow you to, just practice. Ask questions. Seek support whenever you need it. Continue learning beyond this course particularly working on your own self-development. 

Your intuition can be a superpower.

Stop working against yourself.

You have the tools within you to take your business to the next level. You have the gifts that can help your personal life thrive.

Now, are you willing to learn about it or not?


Hear what my clients have to say about the cards and the course .....

I was just at the start of my journey on discovering and enhancing my intuition and using cards as one of my tools when I took Tetz's Intuition Course. It has greatly helped me sift through many confusing information that you would normally get when you just search the web. I am grateful to have received practical tips on how I can really move forward with my practice. Thank you, Tetz, for the awesome work that you do and for helping me discover how I can know and make myself better.

Balot del Rosario

Certified Aromatherapist among others

I have always been fascinated by the Enneagram, so imagine how happy I am to know that Tetz has made a deck based on it! Using the cards has helped me learn more about myself. The messages and questions have helped me find answers when I thought I had reached the end of the rope. I highly recommend the use of the cards for introspection, after meditation or a way to start journaling. You will definitely enjoy your me-time more.

Sharon Agoncillo-Galang

Leadership and Communication Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there local payment options?

Yes, you may opt for either BDO, BPI or Gcash. You may process your payment HERE.

Are there any refunds?

No refunds and no cancellations due to the nature of this product. Upon enrollment you will already have access to all the modules available.

Can I take this instead of therapy?

I have to put it out there for your safety, and mine. I am not a licensed therapist nor am I a medical professional. Any of the coaching and mentorship offers and services I have cannot substitute your need for medical help. I would love to work with you in many capacities but never this. 

Intuiting through the Oracles Online Course

PHP2,000 (USD40)

Local payment options HERE.

  • Intuiting through the Oracles Online Course (4 bonus modules + 1 Bonus one on using oracle cards as an intuitive tool in life and business)
  • Intuition Development Exercises
  • Intuition Cultivation Meditation
  • Lifetime access to this course which means you get access to any additional content I add to it in the future!

D.A.T.E. your way into cultivating your intuition as a superpower and see the difference it makes in your life and business.

Learn how to utilize the magic and fun in using oracle cards with the balance of woo + smarts to level-up your thought-making processes and decision-making skills in this short, self-paced, four-week course for baby witches and novices, alike.

It's going to be the start of everything magical for you.

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