Enneagram Typing Session

60-90 minute 1:1 Typing Session via Zoom where we work together to discover and confirm your Enneagram Type and where you receive practical action steps to begin your growth journey.

Local payment options available HERE.

But I just took an online test. I'm good, right?

Online Enneagram Tests in my expert opinion only have about 50-60% accuracy so getting mistyped happens a lot.

These tests ask questions like "are you spontaneous?" or "are you helpful?" without going into the reasons why you are spontaneous or helpful, 

which is what the Enneagram is all about. 

The Enneagram system helps us determine our motivations and not our behaviors. It's about the why and not the what.

So truly, any of the 9 Types can have the motivation for helping despite the behavior of helping being more commonly associated with Type 2s.

Besides, after taking these online tests. What happens next? You're lucky if you determine your Enneagram Type among top 3 Types you end up receiving as a result. And then what comes after that? Nothing. You probably wouldn't know what to do about all the information you'll end up with. That said, it is a nice way to familiarize yourself with the system.

Just don't stop there.

You acquire in-dept insight to your Self without being boxed in.

You've taken several personality pattern typing systems and end up with some Type that made you feel like that's the end all-be all of who you are. Sounds familiar? The Enneagram shows you the box you are in but also shows you a way out of it. It opens the road to self-discovery, greater self-awareness, and growth.

You identify your strengths and weaknesses as a person without judgment.

Sure these systems show you the pros and cons of who you are but somehow are also able to make you feel bad about it, or make you feel like you're better than others. The Enneagram teaches you compassion for yourself and others as it shows you that no type is better than another type. All types have strengths and all types have weaknesses.

You become an active participant in your own life instead of feeling like you have no control over what happens next.

The Enneagram helps you become more conscious of behavioral patterns that serve you and those that don't. You begin understanding why you act and react to things becoming an active participant who is responsible for her own actions. You become in charge of your own life and what you do with it.

How it works

Step 1

Enneagram coaching is a little different from regular coaching in the sense that it is a mix of both teaching and actual coaching. I teach you each layer of the Enneagram in a way that it doesn't go over your head but still gives you what you need to know to explore the next step.

Step 2

The next step being several exercises that we go through together so I, as your coach am able to observe your unconscious reactions and responses to certain questions unlike if you were only taking an online test alone. This is important because remember, we cannot be 100% aware of what we do 24/7 so another set of trained eyes definitely comes as a necessary bonus.

Step 3

We process and dig deep. We try to filter out any resistance that comes up, any blocks that rise. We drill down until we confirm your Enneagram Type or at least narrow it down to the top 3 types. I know you're thinking, but that's not any different from an online test result! What is different is that I give you homework that you can do post-session to be able to narrow it down yourself. And when we do confirm your Type, you don't leave just with that information but also the knowledge of some practical action steps that you can explore to begin your Enneagram growth journey.

Determine why you do what you do and see the difference it makes in your life and business.

Stop working against yourself.

Stop wasting time and energy on every shiny object that promises you the next secret sauce to success.

Everything begins and ends with YOU.

Now, what are you going to do about it?


Hear what my clients have to say about .....

It made me understand myself, why I act and react the way that I do when I'm put in a certain situation.  But this time, I know what to do, what steps I should take. It's not like "just be nice, be patient" anymore for me. It became "say NO/speak up" if it disturbs your peace. It's now, "don't take any BS from anyone."

Sharon Ngo

Full-Time Mom

Enneagram Type 9

Tetz’ grounded and very straightforward approach has been so helpful, especially because she takes you through each step so mindfully and intentionally. With every step I took in this program, I started embracing my humanity even more. Loving, understanding, forgiving and just nurturing myself in so many feasible and practical ways I never thought I could. I can write down so many things I’m happy about regarding this Soul Experiment but I might end up writing an essay.

I am looking forward to learning more and bringing out more of myself into this world. I’m glad Tetz is there to make sure that we’re doing okay. I really, truly appreciate you Tetz. Thank you for doing what you do. Thank you for being here.

Mara Andres

Mindfulness Consultant and Yoga Therapist, Movement and Myriads

Enneagram 4

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there local payment options?

Yes, you may opt for either BDO, BPI or Gcash. You can send your payment HERE.

Are there any refunds?

No refunds and no cancellations. If you are unsure if this is for you, you may book a Discovery Call with me first to explore if this is the program that and if I am the person who can best help you. You make book your Discovery Call HERE.

What's next after the Typing Session?

You always leave with some homework and practical action steps that you can practice to continue the work on your own. But should you feel the need for continued support, you are welcome to join the Soulprint Experiment Membership (check it out HERE) or work with me more closely in a 3-month 1:1 container as a 1:1 VIP Client HERE.

You can also read more about the Enneagram on the BLOG.

Can I take this instead of therapy?

I have to put it out there for your safety, and mine. I am not a licensed therapist nor am I a medical professional. Any of the coaching and mentorship offers and services I have cannot substitute your need for medical help. I would love to work with you in many capacities but never this. Rest assured that if I believe that the help you need is beyond what I can provide that I will let you know very early on. This will be the only acceptable case for refunds and cancellations.

Enneagram Typing Session

PHP4,850 (USD97)

Local payment options available HERE.

  • 60-90 minute session via Zoom
  • Determine your Enneagram Type with an internationally-certified Enneagram coach
  • Take home practical action steps to continue your Enneagram growth journey post-session
  • Options to continue working with me in a group setting or a 1:1 capacity at special rates!


Beginning with YOU.

Remember that you are the only resource you need.

At the very least, you are the best tool, best strategy, best skill, best gift you can ever have to thrive in your personal life.

You are the best investment you can make for your business.

I can't wait to help you make that happen.

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